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Truck Protection With Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers are an important and basic accessory to trucks to protect the cargo from pilferages and bad weather conditions. Manufactured from heavy duty vinyl, a good quality cover comes in different types to suit the needs of the truck users. The common types available in the market are soft rolling type, hard snap type, hinged covers, folding type and pealing type. Selection of suitable tonneau covers can give aesthetic look and fuel economy to the truck in addition to fulfilling the basic storage needs. There are many manufactures.

The product price, durability and the warranty are the factors to be evaluated before buying. Extang, Sport Masters, LeBra, TruXedo Lund and Undercover are some of the popular premium brands available in the market and needs the consideration of a buyer before making a final selection. Extang, the major player in truck accessories manufacturer makes different types of tonneau covers such as folding type, lifting type and snapping type. Manufactured from good quality fabric with aesthetic look, the company offers life time warranty for some of its products. Sport Masters, established in the year 1989 the company has a wide range of tonneau covers to suit the specific requirement. The company offers life time limited warranty for all its tonneau products for both vinyl and the frame.

LeBra, specializes in manufacturing different types of tonneau covers and the company emphasizes on the stylish look and the gasoline savings due to the light weight of its products. Top mount, ultra-lift, low profile and snap to mount are the major types manufactured by the company. TruXedo, manufactured by Shur-Co Automotive manufactures and the company advocates the user friendly fixing and operation as the major product focus. The company has many types of role-up tonneau to suit the customer requirement in its product range. Lund, produced by the automotive accessories giant Lund Industries Inc.

founded in 1965. The company started manufacturing truck accessories form the year 1974. The company manufactures all types of durable tonneau such as rollup, snapping type, seal and peel, hinged type and multifold type. The company has wide range of products and currently has 32 models. Undercover, manufactured by E.D.

Industries Inc. For the production of light weight durable product with unparalleled strength, the company uses a patented design and advanced polymers in the manufacture of its tonneau. The company offers various options to the buyer to select a suitable cover.

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