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Garmin PDA Includes Handy GPS Features
Handheld IQue combination device offers many capabilities, but is a bit complicated to use. (28-Mar-2005)

PDA Pundit: GPS Meets Pocket PC
Garmin IQue M5 does double-duty as a PDA and a mobile navigator. (10-Feb-2005)
Portable In-Car GPS
Navman's ICN 510 works equally well whether you're in the car or on foot. (21-Dec-2004)
High-Tech Cars for '05
The Acura RL and Audi A6 take automotive technology to new heights. (20-Dec-2004)
New Products: Quick Takes
Microsoft's MSN TV 2 Internet & Media Player; Cobra Electronics' Nav One 3000 portable auto GPS. (08-Nov-2004)
First Look: Cobra's Imperfect Portable Automobile GPS
New NavOne offers handy PDA and Pocket PC connectivity, but fails to impress on everything else. (29-Sep-2004)
Let Your Cellular Phone Do the Driving
Service adds GPS navigation to a mobile phone, but has some shortcomings. (02-Aug-2004)
The Digital Driver
New gadgets for cars offer everything from driving directions to cutting-edge entertainment. Our author takes the latest toys for a test spin. (28-May-2004)
Next Gear: GPS Phone Leads The Way
Motorola offers a cellular GPS navigation service. (29-Apr-2004)

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