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Mobile Computing: GPS Buyers Guide
Navigational devices are affordable, but the choices are confusing. Here's help.

Mobile Computing Tips: Work From Your Car
Hands-free phone cradles, OnStar caveats, superlight notebooks.
PDA Pundit: News, Notes, and Mail
News, notes, and some e-mail from around the PDA planet. (20-Jul-2005)
Phones Use GPS to Show You the Way
New options give you directions, directory listings, and more, right on your cell phone. (17-Jun-2005)
Mapping Mania at CTIA Wireless 2005 Show
Why splurge for a dedicated GPS mapping system when you can get the driving guidance you need in your cell phone? (15-Mar-2005)
These Taxis Hail You
Technology allows companies to target customers with flashy cab-top ads that use GPS. (01-Feb-2005)
Location Reigns Supreme With Future PCs
Soon you'll hLocation Reigns Surpreme With Future PCsave the ability to pinpoint a car's or a person's location to within less than three inches using handheld devices. (01-Oct-2004)

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