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How to Replace a Tire

Your Hyundai's tire, or any vehicle's tire, could get flat any time. It could happen somewhere in the middle of that trip to the grocery store. It could happen just as you are parking in your office's parking lot.Or it could even happen just as you are about to drive to work.That is the very reason why it is of utmost importance that each motorist or vehicle owner should know how to replace a tire.

The knowledge would be very useful and that would certainly mean that you would not have to ask or wait for assistance in any case your tire gets flat on a country road. It could also be useful especially if you are on your way to a big meeting with one of your bosses.When you experience a flat tire, make sure that you are parked somewhere on the side of the road.

It would not be a good idea to have your car stopped in the middle of the road and changing your car's tire there.This would be not only to alleviate any kind of traffic jams but it would also be to assure safety for yourself. Once you have your car on the side of the road, apply the parking brake.

Also, place the shift in first gear. After doing such, locate your spare tire, your lug wrench, and the jack.Make sure that you have everything you need beside you before you start changing your car's tire. Then, start by taking the hubcap of the tire.

It could be done with the assistance of a screwdriver or the end of the lug wrench. The lug nuts are loosened with only one turn. Do not loosen everything until you have actually lifted the car with the jack.The jack would be the next thing to use.If you do not know how to use this, instructions could be easily obtained in the car owner's manual. The jack could also hold some directions.

Make sure that when you lift the car, the tire that you would be replacing is some inches away from the ground. Once this is done so, you can now completely remove the lug nuts and the tire.Replace the spare tire. This could be done by putting it in the correct place by aligning the holes.After that, put in the lug nuts and tighten them.

Make sure that they are secured. You can then lower your car back to the ground and start rolling away to your destination.


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By: Terry Brown

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