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Top Tips on Buying a Used Car for Sale by Owner

If you are in the market for a used car, there are plenty of ways to save money. You can even buy an encumbered model with fancy bells and whistles you originally though unaffordable. Keep in mind that any car you buy will depreciate in a few years so buying used cars for sale by owner will be your best option.

Some people don't like buying cars for sale by owner because they think the cars have not only been used, but also abused. Of course, the condition of the vehicle will be of concern. In order to assess a used car, first learn how long it's been around. Make sure a car's price reflects its age. For proof of how many times a car has been around the block, investigate its papers.

A car seller should have documents to back up what he or she says.Don't be deceived by looks. Some cars are shiny and new on the outside but run terribly. Other cars seem old and beat up but in actuality sport a healthy engine.Another thing to be cautious of is the fact that an owner might charge you for whatever repairs he or she has already made on the car.

It is great if a used car has had some necessary work done, but ask for the proper documents or proof to convince you of this ? especially if such repairs are affecting the price.The model of the car should also reflect in its price.Newer models will simply be more expensive than older models. A car's safety and mileage ratings, as well as average maintenance costs, can be investigated on the Internet or in a consumer magazine if you're know the model. Look up a car's "blue book" value so that you're better equipped to negotiate a fair price.Finally, make sure that both you and the owner are satisfied with the price and that your agreement is well communicated.

Don't be afraid to ask for clarifications; it is important to know exactly what you're getting into.Many people complain that buying a used car for sale by owner is a gamble ? records of repair may not be authentic and some problems may be hidden (like a worn-out transmission or engine trouble). So if you plan to buy a car in this way, just make sure you pay careful attention to detail.

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By: Hannah Roberts

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