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The Smart ForTwo Car

Smart cars may just be the wave of the future. For potential buyers ? or anyone concerned with the environment ? smart car leasing and smart car contract hire is a perfect way to experience the smart car. Renters can get used to it, get accustomed to it, simply try it out ? and, if they like it, they can continue driving it long term as a smart car contract hire.

Total Fleet Services has a wide array of MMC Smart Fortwo smart cars in their fleet; taking advantage of smart car leasing or smart car contract hire with them could be much more affordable than buying one out right. After all, because smart cars are a relatively new trend, they can still be quite expensive ? but leasing or contracting an MCC Smart Fortwo is well worth it, as is proven in the following. The MCC Smart Fortwo is a small car ? naturally, as small cars are well known for staying low to the ground, and thus providing smooth, easy handling and admirable fuel economy.

There is no question, either, that the Smart Fortwo is quite cute ? it is also the reason why one should never judge a car by its exterior. The Fortwo's interior is surprisingly roomy and spacious, not to mention very urban and artful. Colors, textures, and shapes are as unique as the Smart Fortwo itself, but in a more bohemian way than the exterior. The dashboard is broad and accommodating, and there is ample room for storage and luggage in the trunk. The passenger seat is now able to fold completely forward and completely backward, which allows even more room for storage ? especially of long cargo.

The seats are safety seats, and the seat belts have been completely redesigned, made integral, and given an entirely new appearance. They are wonderfully contoured and so solid and stable that they guarantee total comfort during longer drives and trips. Moreover, the seats are upholstered in a matte fabric with a soft and silken feel, adding a touch of luxury amongst the bohemian design. This is even more true when buyers opt for the leather trim package. The seats have been redesigned in more ways than one however.

The designers of the MCC Smart Fortwo show a real economical use of space, with the passenger seat situated fifteen centimetres behind the driver's seat: not only does this ensure the passenger has plenty of shoulder room, but the positioning guarantees that the driver's movements will not be impeded whatsoever. As for the way it drives, the MMC Smart Fortwo packs a lot of punch for such a small car, especially when the engine revs. Furthermore, the Fortwo will cruise smoothly and comfortably at fairly high speeds. The transmission has been greatly improved from the original, gears now change quickly and smoothly, thanks to an automated manual five speed transmission. The MCC Smart Fortwo's suspension has also gotten much better and the ride is a remarkably smooth one during both city and country driving.

The Fortwo takes corners extremely well, especially for such a small car, and the steering wheel handling is truly amazing. Driving an MCC Smart Fortwo helps to save the environment. Leasing an MCC Smart Fortwo can help save money, especially with smart car leasing and smart car contract hire through Total Fleet Services.

The Smart Fortwo is relatively new, having been around for only ten years or so, and as with all new markets, buying it out right can be awfully expensive. Not only can smart car leasing allow a potential renter to get used to the car, he or she can also see how their budget holds up to renting a smart car and running it. Odds are likely that leasing will turn out to be more affordable.

Written on behalf of Total Fleet Services
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