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Stunning New Lotus Exige High Performance Sports Car Finally Unveiled

The Exige range of cars from Lotus have been said by many to look less than friendly, appearing proficient at demoralizing and obliterating other competitors with ease. Impressive adrenalin inducing power combined with expert traction have provided this car with a winning track-beating formula. The subsidiary of Lotus Cars for North America, Lotus Cars USA displayed for the first time in public the brand spanking new MY2007 Lotus Sport Exige Cup. Staged at the Los Angeles International Auto Show, this 252 hp, intercooled and supercharged sports beast has had all of its components targeted at maximizing performance for some of the finest race circuits in North America. Based on the road-going Exige S, the Lotus Sport Exige Cup has increased standout appeal with its visually striking standout appeal. With a super low weight of 1800 lbs the already superb power to weight ratio has been yet further improved moving the output of power from 243 hp to 252 hp.

This car is as light as possible due to only the bare essentials remaining. Careful consideration of cutting edge lightweight materials alongside the removal of the front mudflaps, bulkhead trim, central locking and carpets have all played their part. Standard equipment consists of uprated 4-piston front breaks, an up-to-date SCCA-compliant roll cage, track-specific slick tires, adjustable anti-sway bar, adjustable dampers, FIA approved Lotus Sport branded driver's seat that has six-point driver harness (there is no passenger seat) and a ultra-light rear screen (no glass). Efficiency is yet further improved with the Roots-type Eaton M62 supercharger running without using the cars oil thanks to its 'sealed-for-life' internal mechanism.

An air-jack system and level two stainless steel exhaust with de-cat pipe, FIA approved 70 liter fuel cell and plate type limited slip differential and Star Shield complete this cars unnerving racing bias. One of the fastest cars to be found on a racing circuit, the Lotus Sport Exige Cup is highly aerodynamic and is capable of in excess of 90 pounds of downforce when traveling at 100mph, ultimately improving traction and safety whilst at top speeds. Capable of reaching almost 160 mph and a catapulting acceleration of zero to 100 mph in just under 9.8 seconds, a 0-60mph of 3.9 seconds, this sports machine is the ideal partner for a track day nut. At $84,990, with extra options available, delivery charges and taxes to be paid these cars will amass a large queue of enthusiastic buyers, receiving their car on a purely first come first serve basis.

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