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Satellite Radio the New Frontier in Broadcasting

One of the mediums of mass communication, radio, is a gadget, which is the wireless transmission of signals, modulated of electromagnetic waves, which has less frequency than that of light. In today's world this radio has evolved into satellite radio (mainly an item of entertainment). Satellite Radio, which is also known as Pay Radio, Subscription radio, is a sort of digital radio, which is designed to receive signals, broadcasted by communication satellites. It has coverage of much wider geographical range, wider than other radio signals. This type of radio is said to be using a band ranging from 1.

4GHz to 2.3GHz in different places. It is said to transmit program-associated data abbreviated as PAD just like other radio services. Satellite Radio services is mostly commercial business body.

They do not belong to private parties. SR services generally offer package of different channels, which requires subscription from the final users in order to get access to the channels. A monthly fee is charged for this subscription, which can be (according to American currency) in the area of $10. There are many providers of satellite radios in the world- SIRIUS, DELPHI, AUDIOVOX KENWOOD, PIONEER, etc. Among these the most noted and main Satellite Radio providers are WorldSpace in Europe, Asia, and Africa; XM Radio and Sirius in America. But XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio are considered the giants in the market.

Apart from music channels they also have news, weather and sports channel also. In this respect one should also know that satellite radios are different from AM (radio using Amplitude Modulation for its broadcasting) and FM (a broadcasting technology in which a radio uses frequency modulation mainly for broadcasting hi-fi sound on radio). The main difference is that satellite radios have highest varieties of programming than AM or FM radios. For satellite radios one will find several kinds of receivers and the total cost for the radio depends upon that. The different types of receivers available are- home, car, portable, and computer. But it is suggested that if one wants minimum expense with maximum utilization it is best to go for home as long as you do not buy a car.

Almost all the producers and Satellite Radio service providers have options for cars, boats, RVs and home. Many are also offering walkman type Satellite Radios. If you are a road warrior a satellite radio is the best way to assure access to your favorite genre no matter where you travel.

Jerry Cahill is a webmaster and publisher with several years experience. For more information see this site - Satellite Radio

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