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Safe Driving Tips Hold Life in Your Grips

Present generation cars and vehicles are so well teamed up with advanced safety gadgets that accidents should not even be remote possibilities. Yet, we hear of road-accidents every now and then. In fact, fatalities of accidents far outnumber deaths due to other causes and in most cases, you will come to know that the accident could have been avoided had the one behind the wheel abided by safe driving tips. Remember, safe driving tips translate into safety and well being for you as well as others sharing the tarmac with you.

Speed, in all probability, is the most vital of all the safe driving tips. Reckless driving and exceeding speed limit will amount to committing suicide. Maintaining the legal speed limit promises you all the advantages and gives you a superior control while you drive a vehicle. Wearing safety belts while driving is mandatory in many countries. These days, even passengers are required to use safety belts.

Maintaining a safe distance between two vehicles is crucial to avoiding accidents. Apart from these generic "drive safely" rules, there are some specific safe driving tips, which you need to adhere to in order to steer your vehicle in the right course. Accordingly, a safety tip for bad weather conditions will be to slow down.

Driving becomes a big challenge when it rains and snows. The tires lose traction and your vehicle tends to skid. Going slow gives you the opportunity to take defensive action. Similarly, slow down at intersections and watch-out for the light-signals. The other safety tip you need to abide by at intersections is to make a slow start even when the red light turns green.

Always check both the sides - right and left - before driving through an intersection. Overtaking a vehicle safely necessitates taking certain cautionary measures. You should carefully look into all the mirrors to watch-out for any approaching vehicle and then signal your move into the passing zone. Once in the passing zone, you need to accelerate to go past the other vehicle. Routine checking of vehicle is essentially a maintenance tip, however, it plays an equally important role in safe driving. The "last but not the least" tip will be in the same cautious tone - "Never attempt driving unless you are hundred percent attentive and fresh".

Even the whole lot of safe driving tips will pledge you no safety if you go about tugging you car even when you are fatigued, tired to the hilt or drive in an intoxicated state. Alcohol and many non-prescription, over-the-counter drugs are known to affect the brain and the central nervous system. This numbs your sensations - blurring your vision, impairing your decision making capability and allowing you lesser time to react - thereby, affecting your driving acumen and proficiency.

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