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I have many friends that brag about their amazing car history to anyone who will listen. They rant and rave about all of the great memories they have made with their car and they cannot stop talking about all of the great road trips their trusty car has taken them on. I'll be honest, I got a little jealous after hearing a few of their stories, so I decided to share a little car history of my own.

I love my car, I really do. I love it more than most everything I own and use. A few family photographs and notes from cherished friends are about all that top the love I have for my car.

So I guess you could say my car history began the day I bought my beauty. September 5, 1999.Oh, I'll never forget that day. I'll never forget the way I felt as I test drove the car that would one day be the main character in my personal car history story. I drove her, I liked her, so I brought her home. (With a little help from mom and dad of course).

She wasn't in the driveway for more than one hour when I realized that I couldn't begin a true car history with a car that didn't have a name! So I named her.Princess Bug. I know, it sounds silly now, but at the time it felt perfect.

The perfect name for the perfect car to enjoy year after year of perfect car history with. Right? Wrong.It is a good thing that I loved my Princess Bug from the start because it wasn't three months after purchasing her that she was in the shop for the first time. Nothing too major was wrong with her, but she still costed me more than I had planned on.

Other than a few annoying trips to the shop for repairs, the car history that Princess Bug has given me is filled with wonderful and cherished memories. I remember when me and three friends piled into Princess Bug and were determined to drive from our hometown in Indiana all the way to Hollywood and back in just a week.

Some people say that ignorance is bliss, but since that roadtrip I've always said that ignorance is foolish. We never made it even close to Hollywood but our travels through Missouri and Illinois were pleasant enough to ease the sting of not seeing good ole Cali.

Princess Bug has given me a car history filled with many things to remember I guess. But if you're anything like I was before I started making a history with my car, you're really not that interested in what I have to say. You've been intrigued and now you can't wait to begin a car history with a special vehicle all your own. Just don't forget to name her!.

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