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Lakeshore RV Your Source for Quality Cougar RVs

Best place for Good Quality Cougar RV - Lakeshore RV Supercenters One of the leading dealers in the sales and service of Cougar RVs are the Lakeshore RV supercenters, which are the largest in the United States. They also known for the best services provided for new or pre-owned RVs. As one of the best selling RV brands, Cougar RVs are very classy and offer great features that attract RV enthusiasts from around the world. If you want to buy a quality stylish travel trailer, a Cougar RV is definitely something to get your hopes up about and also has one of the highest resale values in the industry! The best standard Cougar RVs come equipped with fine architecture. The kitchen is truly an Executive Chef Kitchen and comes with real wood cabinet doors, a 22" baker oven, along with a deep two bowl sink.

In addition, Cougar kitchens have a considerable amount of storage space and include a lazy susan located in an overhead cabinet. A standard 20-25 gallon trashcan is included in the Cougar kitchens. To make cooking enjoyable in the kitchen, Cougar RVs come with these standard features and influence both men and women for using it.

In addition, these Cougars come with a 30,000 BTU furnace as well as a 13,500 BTU air conditioner to keep you living at the highest level of comfort no matter what season of the year it is. Other features include slide out windows with day / night shades, a gas or electric water heater with a great recovery rate, along with a cable hook-up with an LCD television that make the Cougar experience delightful. The Cougar RV truly offers you a considerable amount of standard options at the most affordable rate so that it is really no surprise that the majority of RV enthusiasts chose a Cougar over other brands of RVs. A variety of Cougars including new and pre-owned travel trailers and fifth wheels are offered by Lakeshore RV supercenter. Whether you are considering the purchase of a new or pre-owned Cougar, rest assured that the sales folks at Lakeshore RV will sit down with you and explain every feature of each model that Cougar has, whether a travel trailer or fifth wheel is best for you, and work with whatever your budget is to help you find the perfect match for the price point you are shooting for.

Lakeshore RV Supercenters are trustworthy throughout the nation with over fifty-two years of industry experience to help you get fitted into your dream Cougar. Call them today at (231) 788-2040 and get the fine quality Cougar in your home. With a reputation like Lakeshore's, they have numerous partnerships to help you get the financing you need! Once the sale is over, their service department offers tremendous support as well and will help you with fixing and maintaining your RV as well as be able to help you decide on some valuable add-ons that could make your Cougar an even more pleasurable experience! So, give them a call today or drive out to see them in person at 4500 E. Apple Avenue in Muskegon, Michigan!. .

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