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Introduction to the decent features of HID Lights

HID, High intensity discharger, is the upgraded lighting system for your original halogen headlight, it comes with many decent features compared to the halogen lights. The main advantages are the high light intensity provided by the HID lamps and a low power consumption. HID lights are getting more and more popular for automotive car headlight system, most of the new car models are equipped with the HID lamps, and it seems that the HID lights will keep replacing the original halogen lights in the future.

As mention above that the HID lights can provide a higher light intensity with a lower power consumptions, there are some other factors to make it so popular. .
1. Color temperature: HID has a range of color temperature measured in K, which is a measures of the color for the lighting output.

The common color temperatures are 3000K (Golden Yellow) , 4300K (Bright White), 5000K (white), 6000K (Crystal White),8000K (Crystal Blue), 10000K (Aqua Blue), 12000K (Purple-Blue). While 5000K and 6000K are the most common color temperature for HID lamps and its widely accepted by most drivers because of the natural sun lights it provided.
2. Lifetime for HID lights: Most of the HID lights can last for around 2500 hours.

3. Lesser power consumption: HID lights can generate 3 times greater the light intensity compared to the original halogen bulbs with even lesser power consumption. You can save it up to 25% on the power. .
There are something you should consider before purchasing a HID conversion kits, check your bulb size with refer to your car model, choose the correct color temperature, 5000K and 6000K are widely accepted, if you are planning to use the 12000K (purple), be noticed that it's illegal in many countries, those color temperature are always used off the road.

.More Pictures, features and information on HID Lights Conversion Kits . .

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