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I Hate High Gasoline Prices for My SUV

Are you sick and tired of these high oil prices and realize, as Hurricane Season heats up they will even go higher? Then what? Well, then we will all be paying more you see? What can we do? Well, maybe a bunch of you can get together and start your own oil company and then sell for less.Sure and hey here is a synopsis of how you could do this once you get some synergy and huge numbers of people to fund the idea. Humor me for moment, as your story would go something like this: "The team makes business plans and gets billions in private funding, hit roadblock after roadblock from government rules and lawyer costs mount in the multi-millions. The world is in shambles as they watch each night on TV, Oil Prices skyrocket, Mexico has an Earthquake, illegal aliens flood US, Iran goes to war with Israel, China Take Taiwan back as US stands down, Hurricane Season, Typhoons, Indonesia earthquakes and civil unrest.

".Indeed and this is exactly what you would be dealing with too, of course you would find yourself with high enough oil prices that you could indeed get a comfortable return on investment if you started your own Ethanol or Oil Company.And once you did all that work then you could charge any amount you wanted too and you would not have to say anymore; "I Hate High Gasoline Prices for My SUV" because you would own the oil company and you could lower prices for me too okay? Sure you would. Consider this in 2006.

."Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board.

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By: Lance Winslow

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