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Hybrid Cars An Innovation In Fuel Management

it call a hybrid car or a gasoline-electric hybrid car, it is all the same. The fuel is gasoline and the motor is run by electricity. Since it is a combination of both the energies derived by gas and electricity it is named as hybrid cars.

Being hybrid: The reason behind Clubbing the two technologies has in fact brought about a revolution in the energy world. In terms of fuel management the efficiency of a hybrid car is optimum. Even without using conventional fuels like petrol or diesel the mileage provided by the gasoline is great. Coverage of 300 miles before refueling is the basic criteria of the fuel gasoline. But why is the acceleration process initiated by an electric motor? The reason is simple. In spite of high efficiency of gasoline, this particular fuel spreads pollution and is also expensive.

Allowing the operation to be conducted via an electric motor run by batteries that can be recharged, the efficiency level has increased. Moreover pollution has been controlled. And above all the whole innovative enterprise has lowered the cost of the fuel and hybrid cars are now considered to be the most economic cars across the globe. Engine efficiency: Simply great Primarily the hybrid car engine is run by a gasoline engine.

What a size it is! So sleek and so smart; you will not have to bother about excess fuel consumption. On the other hand there is actually no scope for fuel loss in hybrid cars. How is it possible? The hybrid car has been devised so that the engine is automatically put off when the car is not on the run. This is highly beneficial for any vehicle when it is bound to come to a halt in a red signal.

Most of you don't put off the engines or some of you do so. But if you are driving a hybrid care, it is none of your concern to turn off the engine. Things will automatically come to rest and the fuel will be thus saved. Driving satisfaction anywhere The hybrid car is not so heavy and has wonderful brakes. The braking system is connected with the electric motor.

As the electric motor is regenerative in nature whenever the car seems to lose its speed, the electric motor initiates the regeneration of power. The car thus always remains on a smooth speed throughout the run. For its light weight and narrow tires it can take stiff turns in every lane at ease. So driving becomes a pleasant experience wherever you are on the ride.

Better buy a hybrid car for the sake of economic riding and pollution-free environment. Think over it.

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