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Do You Kow the Golden Rule of Buying a Used Car

How many times have you heard someone complain about a car purchase? They knew they were being ripped-off but still went through with the car deal. Or how about they fell in love with the car and just couldn't say 'no'. Unfortunately it happens all too many times and is in fact what used car dealers count on, it is one of their 'tricks of the trade'. Used car salesmen know that the vast majority of people will not walk away from a car deal especially if a Buyers Order has been signed. Ironically, it is our own society's love of cars that has become a tactic for a used car salesman to make you feel obligated to buy. It is a simple fact that most potential used car buyers become used car owners because they were unwilling or unable to say 'no'.

The main focus of a car salesman is to get you to 'fall in love' with the vehicle and get a written commitment making you believe you must buy the vehicle. Here are a few guidelines to remember the next time you go shopping for a used car: 1. Don't 'fall in love', no matter what. There will always be another vehicle you like just as much somewhere else; even if it is the rarest of the rare, don't get attached. If you fall in love with the vehicle, you will lose all perspective and you are now vulnerable to the whims of your salesman. You have to be able to bargain and/or walk away otherwise you will lose money.

2. Tell them you don't like something, no matter what it is. Remember, you are dealing with a salesman and their manager; these people are not your friends (no matter how nice they seem).

Tell them the interest rate is too high or your trade allowance is too low; you will not hurt their feelings. The only person with the potential of getting hurt is you. 3. Just say 'NO', you can do it.

If you do not like the deal, think the interest rate is wrong, not enough was taken off the price, what ever it is, be prepared and able to say 'NO'. This is the one thing used car dealers count on is the customers' inability to walk away from the car or the deal. It doesn't matter that you signed a Buyer's Order; you can still stand up and say 'NO'. Always adhere to these three rules and you will never get taken by another used car salesman again. Think about it, buying a car, even a used one, is probably the second largest expense you will make.

And unfortunately, if you get railroaded into a purchase or stuck with high payments you are the one who has to live with it and be reminded of it every time you drive the car or pay the bills. Don't fall into the trap of losing your head over a car; remember it is a tool nothing more.

Chuck Parrish, former used car salesman now consumer advocate, reveals unethical salesman ploys, and how to get cheap used car finance and insurance at his website

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