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Choosing A Motorcycle Frame For Your Custom Chopper

Above almost all else, motorcycle frames shape the overall look and feel of your custom chopper. If you're mulling over the idea of building your own custom chopper from scratch or from a custom bike kit, motorcycle frames are the piece around which you'll want to build your design concept. There are several styles of motorcycle frames to consider depending on the look you're going for and how you'll be using your custom chopper. Measuring Custom Frames: When comparing custom frames, you'll notice that they are described in terms of "stretch." The amount of stretch in the downtubes refers to how much higher the custom frame is than the stock frame. The stretch in the backbone refers to how much longer the custom frame is than the stock model frame.

Sportster Style Motorcycle Frames: There are different styles of Sportster motorcycle frames designed for the Sportster engine. Sportster motorcycle frames needs to be extra tough to withstand the weight and rumble of the big Sportster engine. If you're going to have oversized tires on your custom chopper, you'll probably want to choose a Sportster motorcycle frame like the Hardtail Chassis that is built for larger tires. Rolling Chassis Frames: Rolling chassis frames are any type of rigid, swingarm, or softail motorcycle frame with front and rear wheel assembly and a stretched backbone or front downtubes. These are different from Sportster softail frames that have no stretch. Rigid Frames: In most cases, rigid motorcycle frames are stretch frames that are angled upward.

Where other motorcycle frames have both wheels connected to the motorcycle frame through a suspension arrangement, rigid motorcycle frames often forgo the rear suspension. FRX Frames: If you're building a racing bike or dirt bike or are going to be riding on rugged terrain and need durability and extra suspension, FRX motorcycle frames may be your best bet. The Weight Factor: Make sure to consider the weight of the motorcycle frame before you buy.

The weight of the motorcycle frame makes a big difference in how smooth of a ride your custom chopper will have; generally the heavier the frame, the smoother the ride. However, if you're going to be drag racing, you might favor a lighter weight. Motorcycle frames are literally the backbone of the chopper. You'll want to be selective with all of the parts for your custom chopper, but when it comes to the motorcycle frame be sure to devote a little more time to research, asking questions, and getting opinions. The motorcycle frame is what holds the entire bike together and choosing a quality, heavy duty motorcycle frame is well worth the time spent shopping around.

Author is a writer for Jireh Cycles which specializes in custom motorcycle frames. For more information you can visit

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