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Buying a new car This article will save you time money bygetting dealers invoice infomation n New Car Pricing 101: provides the "best price" found for new car deals from both franchised dealerships and consumer feedbacks. The "best new car price" is in comparison to dealer's invoice price as most buyers' club does.

(Such as AAA or Costco) And yes, the "best price'' does NOT include your normal Sales Tax, DMV Registration, and Documentation Fees. (Usually around 10% of the new car selling price) The "best new car price" we provide should only be used as the final target price. More precisely, it gives car shoppers a solid idea of the lowest price currently available.

With this information in mind, any new car buyer should be satisfied even if the final negotiated number is a few hundred dollars higher than our new car price listed. (Still a great deal!) Important Do's & Don'ts before you buy a new car: * Don't buy the car for its sale price. Always test-drive the new vehicle and make sure you'll enjoy it. * Don't buy or lease the car for its "low monthly payment". Pay more attention to the "selling price" & "finance rate". * Always read everything you sign at the time of the purchase.

Some fine prints are just as important as the numbers. Step by step 1. Seach and select your desired new car from our Latest New Car Deals, Auto Bargains by Make, or using the Advanced Search option. You'll then be able to see colors, full specs, and dealer's invoice cost for the selected vehicle.

2. Get Dealer's Invoice Cost for the new car from one of the trusted online sources. (Such as Yahoo! Autos -> follow the link to the right to "Build Your Car") 3. Configure the desired make & model by selecting available options; the Invoice & MSRP for each option is quoted to the right.

As you make decisions, the tool keeps track of your choices so you always see the "total invoice price and MSRP" for your new car. 4. Now you can easily calculate the target new car price by using the following formula: Dealer's Invoice $ +/- Deal + Documentation Fees + Sales Tax + DMV & Government Fees = Target (out-of-door) Price 5. Finally, select the make & model to see which local dealership will offer the best deal for your new car.

We invite you to share your shopping experience with us after the purchase, your feedback will be posted to help others. Thank you for visiting! *Ref Link:,com_frontpage/Itemid ,56/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=181&Itemid=55 .

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Car Security

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