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Budget Truck Rental Options Abound You Just Have To Do Your Homework

No matter how far you intend to move, saving money is always a concern. With this in mind, many people look for budget truck rentals to help them save a few pennies along the way. There are some great options for finding cost savings during a move, but it's important to make sure cheap truck rentals are solid and big enough to handle the job. Getting a good budget truck rental will require a little homework.

Whether you shop online to secure a truck and a great rate or you drive around your hometown looking for inexpensive rental shops, it's a good idea to get several quotes. If you obtain at least three quotes on similar size trucks, you should be able to find the best to suit your needs. But what kind of budget truck rental is really needed? Typically, a regular cargo truck will work just fine.

The key to picking the right size is to figure out approximately how much space your items will take up within the cargo area. A good rule of thumb to follow when picking out truck rentals is to figure it takes about five square feet of cargo space for each modestly furnished room. Remember this figure is a ballpark, but it should help you along the way in finding the best-sized truck rental to handle the move. Once you have the size in mind, it's time to call around, hit the Internet or do some face-to-face shopping. Do take the time to get quotes from several companies as not all charge the same rates. You can find some serious deals on cheap rentals if you shop around smartly.

After you've done your shopping and have picked out your truck, there are a few things left you need to do before packing up and getting out of Dodge. Remember to do these things before driving off with a budget truck rental: * Before moving day, generally the week before and the day before, it's a good idea to check on your reservation. Not all companies have trucks available on a moment's notice, so making a reservation and checking on it is important.

* Make sure you fully understand the contract for your budget truck rental. A cheap per day price might not be so cheap if the fine print has you paying $10 a mile for the use of the budget truck. Read the contract and understand your responsibilities under it.

* Be clear you know when and where to return your rental truck. If you're moving across town, this will be easy, but for those trekking cross country, the instructions will be very important. * Be certain you understand how to drive and fully operate the rental truck. This means having a handle on the truck's driving features and also any create comforts such as the radio, power seats, air conditioning and so on. Moving is a pain in the neck and the expenses involved can make it even more painful.

A good budget truck rental can make the process go so much more smoothly, but it will take a little effort to find the best truck prices.

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