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Pontiac Grand Prix is the well-known sports car in 1980's. While its popularity peaks in the said decade, it has been released for quite some time. It has its market debut in 1962 as the sportier counterpart of Pontiac Catalina.

What makes Pontiac Grand Prix special is that it is seen by most as a luxury model car especially with its exterior trim which has been setting the trend in the sixties. Due to some Federal Regulation, the car was maximized in 1970's However, by the 1980's the Pontiac Grand Prix was seen as a sports car by many teenagers. This sudden surge in popularity by the younger generation was due in large part to the purchase of the cars by teen sensations. These purchases were emphasized by several interviews published in Teen Beat magazines throughout the eighties. Today the Pontiac Grand Prix has become so popular that it has outlasted the Bonneville, which was previously the luxury car of choice for more retirees and older generations. The Bonneville has been recently discontinued, while the Grand Prix has moved in to take its place.

What make Pontiac Grand Prix very popular are its sportier look and its fuel efficient engine. Considering the rising prices of gasoline continually, it would surely be a suitable car for everyone especially those who are concerned with the gasoline consumption cost. To keep Grand Prix on its billing, its manufacturers are even working on hybrid model car for a better fuel efficient engine. With it rising popularity, General Motors is giving to its owners and enthusiasts some accessories to treasure. These accessories can be readily available to in some automotive shop and a perfect mate with one's Pontiac Grand Prix. There are also other accessories which are limitedly supplied by General Motor's exclusive dealers and parts specialist.

Perhaps, the most generally available accessory for Pontiac Grand Prix is Pontiac grand Prix key chain. Not only is it readily available, it would also cost less to buyers. There are actually four different Pontiac Grand Prix keychains available for your pleasure. They can be great for gifts or for your own personal use. The key chains are available in four styles, two of which are a combination of leather and metal and two that are metal alone. The most popular key chain available is the leather key chain with a silver ring around the metal Pontiac Grand Prix medallion.

Another special accessory available is the leather key chain with a wider gold ring around the medallion. It has two different designs which is a unique from each other. One is just a plain circle; the other has a wider band of chrome around the circlet. And with the Pontiac Grand Prix Symbol, one's accessory will be complete.

There are many ways that you can personalize these key chains for your particular use. If you are a car dealer you can have your dealership name or logo engraved on the back of any of the key chains for only five dollars. Other companies may also wish to have their company names or logos engraved on these key chains, along with a number, to help them track their company cars.

You could also personalize them with the date that you purchased your Pontiac Grand Prix, your favorite Grand Prix model year, or your name or the name of the person you are giving the keychain to.

Kathy Austin is writer for Wholesale keychains. Check out the intricate designs of these Pontiac Grand Prix Keychains , they are crafted in stainless steel, metal, chrome, and leather.

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