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A Look At Some Must Have Biker Gear If You Want To Ride A Motorcycle

Here are some common sense tips for what to wear while you are out tearing it up on your brand new motorbike. First off, and I know this is old but it always bears repeating, get a helmet. Which would you rather have to do; hammer a few well earned dents out of your bike, or have the doctor hammer a few dents out of your skull? Besides, with all the technological advances in helmet engineering, you might actually look pretty cool with one on your noggin. Oh yeah, and make sure it fits snugly on your head. Next, you will want to invest in clothing that will protect the rest of your body. With motorcycling, falling is inevitable.

Get a jacket, pants, boots and gloves that will be sturdy enough to take a beating, but will still allow your body to stay cool and breathe well. It can get a little toasty under all that leather. Keep in mind also that you do not want your clothing to inhibit the operation of your machine, so make sure that the stuff you get fits well. Oh yeah, and fit is more important than style, ok? Protective gear has come a long way, offering benefits like waterproofing, special kevlar composites and padding to protect those, um.

sensitive areas. Be willing to invest in a quality set of protective gear and you won't regret the extra money spent. Next we need to talk about boots. Boots come in an amazingly broad variety, and they are an absolute must for riding a motorcycle. Forget about wearing anything else unless you really aren't concerned about protecting your feet, ankles, and lower calf. Remember that comfort and fit are important, just as much as the new, fancy kevlar lining and neat zippers and buckles are.

The boots should be fairly stiff, but only pro racers need boots that are completely rigid. There are plenty of other handy tools and add ons that you can get for your bike. Be sensible and choose the ones that would be best for the kind of riding that you will be doing. Do your homework and go for quality. After you have fitted yourself with the latest in motorcycle apparel, including a more than just decent pair of boots, the next thing to equip yourself with is a riding buddy. Never go riding alone, because even if you have the fancy global positioning instrumentation installed, with the emergency radio built into your well fitting helmet, it will be kind of hard to operate any of that stuff if your neck is broken and you can't move or speak.

Riding buddy.if you don't have one, get one!.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as Motorcycle Jackets, Helmets and Accessories at

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