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A Look at the new Audi RS Avant

Hey, are you looking for a sports car with glassy looks? or you might just want to settle with a family wagon? How about if you get both blended in one? Sounds too good to be true. Right ? But folks, I bet, you can find out that this four-wheeler thing is surely going to drive you crazy. You might say this is the same Audi S6 version with little twists and turns, but I tell you what, it is fully loaded for performance. When you desire of getting a joyride with your family on a holiday, the Audi RS6 Avant is the next best thing to have happened to you. And this is no joke folks. Take a close look at the hood, you will find a V-10 engine derived from the likes of Lamborghini for direct fuel injection.

And not to neglect those two turbo chargers, mind you it jumps from 435 horsepower to a mind blowing 550 horsepower in a blink of an eye. You would still say you don't want a drive!! I am sure you are in mood for some fun now and if I am not wrong, you must be thinking to take a test drive and I tell you what, when you like it, get an Audi on rent for yourself if you don't plan to buy it right away, and enjoy spending quality time driving your family on weekends. Okay let me tell you as far as the features of this "fast and furious" goes it has a Tiptronic transmission as well as that special Audi Quattro.

While the R6 would have made it from zero to sixty miles in a meager 5.1 seconds, the RS6 Avant has slashed it down to 4 seconds flat to hit the 60 mile mark. And guess what, this car comes without a speed restrictor. That means, it can well go beyond and perform steadily at 155 mph carp.

With the suspension just sitting firm at its place, it makes more sense to get a car like this for your family. The part of this brilliantly designed package also includes well ventilated brakes and ceramic rotators. Well, with all that said and done don't think that you will have to sacrifice the luxury and the comforts that come with the brand Audi. The plush nappa leather interiors of those sporty seats sets the mood for a great outing, with carbon fiber trim and shift paddles are made of all aluminum.

The dashboard is decked up better than the older version, R6 and the steering wheel is significantly a flat bottom one. Of course, as the saying goes quality comes for a price and here Audi RS6 Avant is no exception. The price slightly falls under the $100,000 tag though, nevertheless it does what it says it will do. In spite of the hefty sum involved to own this "furious wonder on wheels" still it makes sense considering the amount of space, comfort, safety and luxury that comes bundled with it.

For your family it just might be the next family wagon, but for you, I bet it will be an all time passion. And the best part is, you can live your passion without burning your pocket.

Written on behalf of Total Fleet Services Van & Car Leasing UK

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