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A Few Gas Saving Tips

Recently, our country has been hit with a surge of high gas prices. With no decline in prices on the horizon, people are being forced to ration their gas intake. There is a silver lining from the events of the present; the rationing will help reduce gas emissions, which in turn will help the environment. There are some easy and effective steps the consumer can take to help save on gasoline, improve mileage and help reduce gas emissions.

They are listed in the following paragraphs. Before one hits the road there are several actions that can be taken to limit the frequency of "filling up at the pump". They are: 1) keep tires properly inflated to manufacturer specifications, 2) use the recommended grade of motor oil for your vehicle, 3) get regular tune-ups, filter changes and engine lubes, 4) buy fuel-efficient replacement tires, 5) plan ahead for the shortest, gas saving itinerary, 6) ride a bicycle and 7) take a walk. If you do need to drive in order to reach your intended destination, then the following are some fuel saving tips.

First, do not speed. Speeding forces the engine to use more gas. Second, do not drive aggressively. Third, avoid excessive idling. Excessive idling produces zero miles per gallon. Another tip is to use the air conditioner, sparingly.

Finally, when at all possible use cruise control to keep your speed constant. When taking a trip, the most cost efficient ways are to avoid carrying items on top of your vehicle; travel light and when renting a car ask for a model that is the most fuel-efficient. Likewise, if you commute some tips to save on gas are to stagger your work hours, to avoid rush hour (stop and go traffic eats up a lot of fuel).

When at all possible take public transportation or consider telecommuting. Finally, join your neighborhood car pool. The last suggestion on how consumers can save on gas involves one to make a long-term investment. The investment to make is to trade in that old car for a newer, more fuel-efficient vehicle. Newer vehicles are generally more fuel efficient and with all the new hybrid vehicles on the market you have even more choices. There are now even hybrid trucks and SUVs.

The suggested actions are a few ways on how you, the consumer, can show your power at the pump.

Gregg Hall is a business consultant and author for many online and offline businesses and lives in Navarre Florida with his 16 year old son. Get car care products from

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